How will opportunities at Purdue University support your interests, both inside and out of the classroom?

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This sounds like a prompt for an admissions essay. In such an essay, the admissions staff are not looking for a generic summary of their own public relations materials. They are looking for a clear sense of how you as a unique individual will benefit from studying at Purdue. Your answer will depend on your own interests.

For example, Purdue has a very strong academic program in Aeronautics and Astronautics. If your major goal in life is to work for NASA or to become an astronaut, you would talk about how that program would enable you to reach that goal. If you have no interest in becoming an astronaut, however, it would make no sense to talk about that program. 

An example of extracurricular synergy might be that Purdue's mascot is The Boilermaker Special, a Victorian railroad locomotive. If you are a steampunk aficionado, you could talk about how you would like to join the Purdue Reamer Club or participate in LARP events related to the school mascot. 

The key to writing a convincing admissions essay is avoiding the generic and making very specific connections between your own interests and the university offerings.

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Purdue University is a top-ranked university. It is one of the schools in the Big Ten conference. Purdue offers a wide variety of programs to meet a person’s academic and social interests.

Purdue University offers a wide variety of programs in which a student can major. For students who want to major in a given language, Purdue offers programs in French, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish, among others. A student interested in education has several majors from which to choose. Purdue also has majors in Acting and Theatre. Various majors are available in different sciences, as well as in Economics, Agriculture, and History. Purdue also offers other programs in which to major.

Outside of the classroom, there are many opportunities in which students may participate. There are approximately 1,000 student organizations from which to choose. There are many sporting events to attend, as Purdue is a member of the Big Ten Conference. There are also various club and intramural activities in which students may participate. Purdue has performances in music and theatre that involve their students.

A student who attends Purdue University has many opportunities to pursue their interests both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Purdue University, universally known as a top-rated school for engineering (several astronauts were students there), agriculture ("home" of Orville Redenbaker" popcorn), and several other disciplines, is also a strong social atmosphere for bright students intent on taking their education seriously. Besides all the usual social outlets such as fraternities, the students can enjoy the membership in the Big Ten Sports Conference. The general atmosphere on campus and in the town of West Lafayette, Indiana is one of serious scholarship and high personal goals. While known for its rigid majors, its Humanities offerings are equally strong, with an English Department with several world-class scholars on its faculty, and a Theatre Department committed to providing classic dramas performed for the student body, and world-class professional actors visiting the campus (Alan Alda, Red Skelton).

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