How will Jessica escape from her father’s house?

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jihyunkim67 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I think you are asking for a simple summary of a scene where Jessica escapes from her father, Shylock's house. The reason Jessica runs away is to marry Christian Lorenzo since Shylock would never grant her marriage with a non-Jewish man. The escape takes place during a rainy night. When Lorenzo comes by her house with his friends disguised as a group of masquers. Shylock was not home among their arrival. Jessica disguises as a young torchbearer and packs her stuff and ducats of gold and jewels that Shylock has hid for himself. She climbs out of her window and successfully lands on the boat and they elope. With the money and jewels that Jessica stole from Shylock, they gamble, drink, visit prostitution sites and other luxuries. Jessica also trades her mother's marriage ring for a monkey which Shylock rages about upon hearing.
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