How will Friar Lawrence inform Romeo of his plan?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act V, Scene 2, Friar Lawrence discusses his plan to inform Romeo that Juliet is actually in a deep sleep that mimics death. Friar Lawrence sends his letter with Friar John to deliver it to Romeo, who is living in Mantua. When Friar John returns, Friar Lawrence asks him how Romeo responded to the letter. Friar John then informs Friar Lawrence that he was unable to visit Romeo and give him the letter because he was quarantined in a home during an outbreak of the plague. Friar John then tells Friar Lawrence that he wasn't even allowed to give the letter to someone else to deliver it to Romeo because they feared the infection would spread if anything left the home. When Friar John gives the letter back to Friar Lawrence, Friar Lawrence curses fate and asks for a crowbar so he can open the Capulet tomb and save Juliet.