How would the use of clean energy such as wind turbines  improve a school site?     

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We find more and more schools, especially new construction schools, that are incorporating green design and renewable energy into the building plans.  It does make, for the most part, environmental and economic sense.

Alternative energy on a small scale project is becoming more and more affordable, and the government has, in many cases, subsidized or even required that some form of solar or wind power be used.

Environmentally, anything that reduces the carbon footprint of large, electricity-hungry facilities like factories and schools can only be good for the environment.  It also importantly places a very visible emphasis on both the condition of the planet with regards to Climate Change, and alternative energy, over time, moves from being alternative to being mainstream, as students year after year see their power being generated by wind or the sun.  It becomes something they seriously consider for their own homes or business some day.

Economically, as of yet, small scale projects like this don't make money on them.  But they don't generally lose money either.  There is an expensive up front, one time cost to install wind turbines or solar panels, but then the cost for electricity is permanently reduced as the long as the school is open.  It also generates electricity for the entire summer when energy needs are low, effectively net metering the power back into the system and lowering the cost of energy use still further.