How will the Affordable Care Act legislation meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the proponents of the President's plan would point to how the act meets the needs of both groups in distinct ways.  Patients' needs are met in the fact that if they lack health insurance and coverage, the plan provides for them.  It is argued that the rising cost of health care is one in which individuals must choose between other elements and health wellness because of cost.  The Affordable Care Act helps this by being able to provide coverage for those who lack it.  The needs of patients are met in this regard.  For those who already have health insurance, the plan does not change insurance plans, but ensures that if coverage needs to be supplemented, it can be.  It also helps these individuals by assisting healthcare professionals.  The rising cost of providing health care is one element in which health care professionals could use assistance from the public sector.  In this, proponents of the bill argue that greater needs can be met in that funds and reallocation of funds are now possible under the legislation, differentiated according to need:

We know that health care providers are at different stages in their work to improve care and reduce costs... That’s why we’ve developed a menu of options for Medicare to meet doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers where they are, and begin the conversation of how to enhance the care they are offering to people with Medicare.

At the same time, the bill hopes to ensure that greater quality of health care is provided in that greater effectiveness of its delivery can be provided with greater allocation of funds.  In thes ways, proponents of the legislation believe that the needs of patients and professionals will be met.