How does the Wife of Bath's Tale match her personality in The Canterbury Tales?

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The Wife of Bath's story obviously reveals her own personality and her desire for sex. She is obviously a very lustful woman who has a preoccupation with sex. In that time period, a woman showing any predilection for physical intimacy was scandalous, so the story is clearly meant to show that the Wife of Bath is extremely fascinated by sex.

She shows many things in her story that betray her own personality. For one, the woman in her story is a domineering wife, who openly admits to keeping her husband under her thumb. The Wife of Bath seems to be a very confident and forceful individual, as shown by her willingness to push around and mock the people in the party (another thing uncommon of women in that time period).

She also describes the old crone in her story as a very talkative individual, which is another female character that relates the Wife's own personality. She is, obviously, extremely talkative, having had the longest introduction and having been chided several times to get...

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