How were the Latin American and North American struggles for independence different?history

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The struggles for independence in these two regions were different mainly because the struggle for independence in North America was more broadly based and more ideological.

The struggles for independence in Latin America were typically not based on the desire for democracy and equal rights for all.  The struggle in North America was, with the obvious exception that there were no equal rights contemplated for women or African Americans.  The Latin American colonies' struggle for independence was almost solely the struggle of an elite group of "criollos" or people of Spanish descent born in the Americas (Simon Bolivar was an example of this).

Because the Latin American colonies had only small populations of criollos, their revolutions were about the transfer of power from one elite (the Spain-born Spaniards) to another (the criollos).  The American colonies' population was almost all white and so its revolution called for a shift of power from British elites to (more or less) all colonists.