Why didn't revolution occur in England during 1848 as it did in other European countries?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Revolution did not arise in England in 1848 because the English political system had been more flexible and more willing to change.  Revolution tends to occur in countries where governments are intransigent in the face of demands for change.

In England, the Whigs came to power in 1830 and started to institute reforms that preempted some of the sorts of issues that led to revolutions in Europe in 1848.  To cite two examples, the Whigs enacted the Reform Act of 1832 and repealed the Corn Laws.  The Reform Act allowed more people to vote and be represented in Parliament.  The repeal fo the Corn Laws reduced the price of food and also catered to the free trade ideals of the middle class liberals who were central to the European revolutions.

England's government staved off revolution by changing their system in ways that satsified some of the demands of people who might otherwise have become revolutionary.