How and why did agriculture develop differently in the middle colonies and in the southern colonies?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In both the middle colonies and the southern colonies, farming was an important economic activity. However, there were some differences between these regions.

In the southern colonies, farming was the main economic activity. There was very little industry in the southern colonies. The soil was fertile, and the climate was suited for farming. In the southern colonies, farmers grew tobacco, indigo, and rice. Many slaves were used on the large farms in the South.

In the middle colonies, there were a variety of economic activities. There was more manufacturing in the middle colonies than in the southern colonies. Farming was important, but it wasn’t the only economic activity. Farmers in the middle colonies were known for the grains they grew. Wheat was one crop that was grown and sold. The middle colonies are often called “the breadbasket colonies” because of the grain that was grown in this region. Slavery did exist in the middle colonies. However, since the farms in the middle colonies weren’t as large as the plantations in the South, there weren’t as many slaves in the middle colonies.

While farming occurred in both regions, there were some differences between the regions related to farming.