How would I start off a paragraph explaining why homework is good?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that your essay on the nature of homework would have to give some analysis to why it is an effective tool for instruction.  Part of this would have to rest in the fact that homework is a tool for continuing instruction outside of class.  The teacher's work with the child exists during a specific time constraints.  Homework allows greater chance for students to interact with content outside of class.  Another positive that can be argued about homework is that it represents practice.  The implication here is that challenging skills can only be solidified through practice and proper repetition outside of the classroom setting.  In order for anyone to become proficient in anything, there has to be interaction with it outside of class.  In this, homework enables greater proficiency to be developed.  Additionally, homework empowers both learner and teacher in that the student can gain strength in a particular task and the teacher can examine student work and assess where mistakes lie, prescribing remedies to student areas of challenge.  These would be potential areas to argue in an essay that centers on homework, suggesting its attributes.