How the White Witch treats Lucy and the beavers?

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The White Witch turns Lucy's friend, Mr. Tumnus, into stone because he has befriended Lucy. Then when the children meet up with the beaver family, Mr. Beaver tells them the history of the White Witch, and how she is falsely claiming to be the Queen of Narnia. The beaver family tells the children the only hope to defeat the White Witch is to meet up with Aslan at the Stone Table. As the children flee with the beavers to meet Aslan, the White Witche pursues them, so they are all petrified that she will catch up with them. Slowly, however, the snow that permits the Witch's sleigh to move fast through Narnia begins to melt. The White Witch knows that this means that Aslan is "on the move." Eventually her sleigh can no longer navigate the snow because the return of Aslan means the return of springtime to Narnia.

The melting snow foreshadows the melting of everything the White Witch has turned to stone, which Aslan will turn around by breathing on the stone animals in the next few chapters.

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As the beavers make it clear from their entrance into the story, she treats them terribly.  Though she appears to treat Lucy better, it is only because she wishes to manipulate her because she thinks she has something to gain.

She treats everyone around her as a subject, as something through which she can gain more power or influence and she has no problem doing terrible things to them in order to achieve her aims.

Because of this, all the creatures of Narnia, the good ones anyway, hate her and are willing to fight against her in order to remove her from power.

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