How the White Witch treats Mr Tumnus and Aslan in the story?

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The White Witch discovers that Tumnus has saved Lucy’s life, so she is not happy. The children find this out when they all go to Narnia with Lucy, after they finally believe her about Narnia. The Beaver family tells the children that Mr. Tumnus has been kidnapped by the White Witch and he probably has been turned to stone. This is what she does with her enemies. Later on in the story, the children find out that this is true because they find Tumnus’ statue turned to stone. When Aslan returns at the end of the novel, though, all those turned to stone are restored.

As far as Aslan is concerned, the White Witch treats Aslan with contempt, but she is afraid of him because she knows how powerful he is. She demands payment by death and refers to the deep magic, long ago, that Aslan must obey, so Aslan agrees to let her kill him to save Edmund. The White Witch does not know, however, about a deeper magic – the deeper magic that allows Aslan to willingly lay down his life for another. Aslan is a Christ figure. So, he does not stay dead, and he fights against the White Witch and defeats her.

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