How is the Whig Party and Jackson similar?

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Andrew Jackson and the Whig party were about as dissimilar as one can imagine; in fact the Whig party was organized in opposition to Jackson's policies. Jackson created a great deal of opposition, particularly from his veto of the bill to renew the Charter of the Second Bank of the United States. He was mocked in a famous cartoon depicting him with a robe and scepter as "King Andrew the First, of Veto Memory." He is shown standing on a torn copy of the United States Constitution. The Whigs took their name from the Whig party during the English Civil War, as the Whigs were those who opposed the policies of the King. Since Jackson was portrayed as King Andrew, they called themselves Whigs because of their opposition to him. Only two Whigs became President, William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor, although Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress as a Whig.

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The Whig Party and Andrew Jackson really have very little in common.  In fact, the Whig Party was created mainly as a way to oppose Andrew Jackson.  It took its name from the English Whigs who were the party that thought that Parliament should have more power and the king should have less.  The Whigs took this name because they believed that Jackson was acting like a king and that they should take power away from him.

The only major similarity between the two that I can think of is that both Jackson and the Whigs were generally nationalists.  Jackson stood strongly against the doctrine of nullification when South Carolina tried to nullify the tariff.  The Whigs were similarly in favor of national power as opposed to state power.  Other than that, I cannot think of any similarities between these two.

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The cement that held the whig party together was the hatred of Andrew Jackson!