How and where do Taoists worship?

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Taoism or Daoism is a religion that originated in China in approximately the fourth century BC. It is polytheistic with many deities and ritual practices. There are several different forms of ritual and worship in China, and many western offshoots of Taoism have created innovative synergies with local religions.

In China, the two main centers of worship for followers of Taoism are monasteries, which are inhabited by people who have devoted their lives to a strict schedule of worship and ritual observance, and temples, which are the center of rituals open to the laity.

There are also many practices which might be characterized as "folk religion." These may include festivals and parades held outside the temples and other community events, meditation, divination, and personal prayers. 

Many followers of Taoism have shrines to their ancestors in their homes and make offerings of incense and food to the spirits of their ancestors. Divination may also be practiced in the home.

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Taoism, or Daoism, is an ancient Chinese Religion. The religion is focused upon The Tao (or The Way). Taoists believe that everything is interconnected in life.

Taoists regard both the things which are similar and opposites as being important (like the idea of Yin and Yang). They do not worships a single god; instead, they worship many different gods (or deities). Worship takes place in Taoist temples which are believed to be intertwined with everything else in The Way.

Taoists' practices include feng shui (orientation of things in order to bring in the positive), meditation (which allows one to clear their mind and think of higher thoughts), reading/chanting of scripture (like the Taode jing and Zhuangzi), and the telling of fortunes ("San-mei -gaku is a personality psychology profile system that is based on our birth date , using Yin and Yan, 5 elements method, and the human body").

Taoist temples can be found in many different places (most commonly in China).