How and where do Taoists worship?Please tell me where and how Taoist followers worship. Thanks!!!! 

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Taoism, or Daoism, is an ancient Chinese Religion. The religion is focused upon The Tao (or The Way). Taoists believe that everything is interconnected in life.

Taoists regard both the things which are similar and opposites as being important (like the idea of Yin and Yang). They do not worships a single god; instead, they worship many different gods (or deities). Worship takes place in Taoist temples which are believed to be intertwined with everything else in The Way.

Taoists' practices include feng shui (orientation of things in order to bring in the positive), meditation (which allows one to clear their mind and think of higher thoughts), reading/chanting of scripture (like the Taode jing and Zhuangzi), and the telling of fortunes ("San-mei -gaku is a personality psychology profile system that is based on our birth date , using Yin and Yan, 5 elements method, and the human body").

Taoist temples can be found in many different places (most commonly in China).


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