The History of the Middle East

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How and where did the Ottoman Empire expand between between 1450-1750?

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The Ottoman Empire of the Oghuz Turks was founded in 1299 by Osman I, as one of the successor states to the Seljuk Turkish Empire. The Turkic peoples had originated in Central Asia and some groups of them began eastward migrations, gradually moving into Anatolia and other Middle Eastern countries in the tenth and eleventh centuries. Thus even though they converted to Islam, they brought distinct cultural and linguistic traditions to an area that had been primarily settled by Semitic and Indo-European peoples. 

In 1324, Orhan, the son of Osman I, conquered the city of Bursa and northwest Anatolia from the Byzantine Empire. Next, in 1387, they captured the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki from Venice and conquered the Serbian/Albanian city of Kosovo in 1389, giving them effective control of the Balkans. In 1396, the Ottomans defeated a Crusade organized to retake the Balkans at the Battle of Nicopolis, consolidating their conquest of Bulgaria. 

The key fifteenth-century victory for...

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