How what scenes portray different styles of communication and language?I am trying to relate communication studies to this movie. 

Expert Answers
amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would definitely concentrate on the dinner scene when Anne Sullivan first arrives.  Helen has always been allowed to take food from anyone's plate, so she is accustomed to making the rounds, grabbing and snatching as she runs laps around the table and generally making a huge mess of herself and others.  Anne refuses to allow this to happen.  The family is so uncomfortable that Anne tells them to leave the dining room.  She and Helen remain in the room for the first of many tough lessons about proper behavior.  Body language is huge here since Helen can not hear, but she can pick up on vibrations of voice.  Don't forget the language--oral and body--of the family and Anne Sullivan as well.

There is also the scene where Helen finally makes the connection between the signs Anne makes into Helen's hand and the water.  From that point on, Helen is insatiable and runs around soaking up everything she can as far as names for items in her immediate environment go.  Sign language, body language are great here.

What a great project.  Good Luck!