How does the westward expansion affect our time today?

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The expansion of the United States has significant consequences for the nation today. The nation was able to spread from thirteen original colonies to fifty states. The United States has become the breadbasket of the world with the fertile grain growing areas in the Midwest. The mineral resources found in the far west, especially gold in California and Alaska, helped to drive the economy then as well as now. Much of the United States' oil wealth can be found in the West. Tourism is a considerable business as well, as millions come from all over the world to see the wonders of the Western United States. The promise of cheap land encouraged immigrants from all over the world to come to the United States—here was a rich land with room for seemingly everyone. Because of westward expansion, the United States was able to grow significantly and it still benefits from having such a large pluralistic population today. The United States can also trade easily with the growing markets in Asia thanks to its numerous Pacific seaports. The United States is still reaping the benefits of its westward expansion movement.

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