How were women in the concentration camps treated?  Were they automatically thrown into the crematory?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In answering this question, we must remember that not all “concentration camps” during the Holocaust were the same.  This meant that not all women had the same experiences.  There were camps where at least the great majority of the women were killed right away, but there were also camps where they were not.

In the area that the Nazis conquered in the Soviet Union, many Jewish women never even made it to camps.  The Jews in these areas were often killed in mass shootings.  The most famous of these was the one at Babi Yar, outside of Kiev.

There were camps where women were not killed immediately.  These were the true concentration camps and some of the labor camps.  In these places, women were allowed to live and made to work.  Of course, they were not treated at all well.  They were poorly fed, overworked, and liable to be sexually assaulted. 

There were other camps that were not really concentration camps but rather extermination camps.  At these camps, almost all of the women were killed.  These were the camps where people on the incoming trains were separated into those who could work and those who could not.  Most of the women tended to be put in the group that could not work and were killed immediately.

So, there is no one way in which all women in all camps were treated.  It varied by the type of camp.