European Colonization of North America

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How were the English capable of settling the New World?

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The English were capable of settling the New World because of the resources they had in front of them. Imagine the vast amounts of wealth that the crown had acquired leading up to the discovery of America. This wealth not only helped build a fleet of ships that could sail around the world but also fueled the desire for more.

The New World offered several fruitful opportunities for England. First, the natural resources there could be a literal gold mine for the crown. Also, with the passage of the "Enclosure Acts", people who were uprooted from their farms could travel to this new land and start again.

Also, we must account for prior knowledge when discussing how they were capable. Britain had already landed in America, although this proved disastrous at Roanoke. Moreover, they had already acquired a vast amount of seafaring experience up until that point. This made the trek much easier than it would have been if it was new. The lust for resources and new land and the previous experience with sailing and colonizing parts of the word made England capable of settling in the New World.

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