How were the structure of the family and the effects of the harvest cycle on rice cultivation in ancient China related?compare and contrast

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larrygates eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chinese culture was strictly patriarchal in nature. The father presided over all ceremonial occasions, primarily the veneration of ancestors which was the nearest form of religion practiced by the Chinese. The harvest cycle for rice cultivation was determined by the floods of the river, which determined when fields of rice could be flooded. All members of the family were expected to work in the rice fields during periods of harvest.

In some families which were wealthier than others, women's feet were bound when they were very young which made it impossible for them to stand without aid. Such women could not work in the rice fields, and this was seen as an attractive feature, as it indicated she came from a well to do family and did not need to work. Otherwise, there were no social or cultural practices tied to rice cultivation.