How were the people of Vietnam affected by the Vietnam War?

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martinjmurphy eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Vietnam War had a devastating effect on the people of Vietnam.  It has been estimated that during the war more than 4 million Vietnamese were killed or wounded.  The United States dropped more bombs on the Vietnamese countryside than they dropped in all of World War II, about 14 million tons of explosives. The herbicide agent orange was used extensively to defoliate the Vietnamese countryside.  The health effects of this herbicide have been shown to be quite devastating.  The bombing and the spraying of agent orange destroyed much of the crops grown in Vietnam, creating hunger and starvation in rural areas.  The war also created a terrible refugee problem. 

jhdb | Student

Allot of stuff. Villages were burnt down, tons of people died, Napalm burnt down lots of vegetation, etc.