How were the Neutrality Acts aimed at the conditions of 1914-1917?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Neutrality Acts were aimed at the conditions of 1914-1917 because they were meant to prevent the US from getting involved in a war in the way that they became involved in WWI.

The US became involved in WWI largely for two reasons.  First, they sold many goods to the Allies on credit.  This meant that the US had a huge financial interest in making sure the Allies won.  Second, US ships headed for Allied countries were torpedoes by German submarines that were enforcing a blockade of the Allied countries.

The Neutrality Acts were meant to prevent both of these problems.  They said that Americans could not lend money to countries at war and they said that American ships could not carry goods to countries at war.  In these ways, the Acts were meant to ensure that the conditions of the 1910s were not repeated and America was not pulled into another war that was not really its business.