How were both of the Wes Moores similar and different in The Other Wes Moore?

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What interested author Wes Moore in writing about the other Wes Moore was the similarities between the men. Both Wes Moores are African-American men from Baltimore who lost their fathers at a young age. These factors influence them for their entire lives. They also both had a brush with a harsh crowd and crime at a young age. Both men have strong mothers who love them.

What makes the two men different is the choices they make, the support they receive, and how their lives play out. Author Wes Moore goes to a military academy and learns that it's important to spend time with people who will lift you up. This moves him into a different crowd. He goes to college, becomes an author, and lives a relatively happy and modest life.

The other Wes Moore, on the other hand, isn't as successful. Without strong educational support, he gets deeper into crime. He does attend Job Corps but isn't able to find solid work afterward. Crime simply pays better. He spends time with people who encourage this...

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