How were women and slavery connected before the civil war?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Women and slavery had connections before the Civil War. One connection is that both groups didn’t have the same rights as free men had. Slaves had no rights. Women weren’t able to vote. They were restricted in the areas of education, employment, marriage, and property rights. Both groups weren’t given the same opportunities that free men had.

Another connection is that there were movements to help each group improve their situation in life. The abolitionist movement was a movement to end slavery. The movement worked to end slavery and bring equal opportunities for the slaves upon being freed. The women’s rights movement worked to bring equality for women. This movement advocated for voting rights, coeducation, more job opportunities, and more equality within marriages. It also advocated for property rights for women.

There was a big debate about which movement should take priority. It turned out the abolitionist movement accomplished its goals before the women’s rights movement received what it wanted.

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