The Constitutional Convention

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How were the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution similar?

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Considering that the US Constitution was drafted and adopted to correct the inadequacies of the Articles of Confederation, there are not too many similarities. However, the Constitution does retain a few of the elements of the earlier governing document.

First of all, both documents dictate that only the Federal government can enter into treaties and negotiations with foreign powers. You can imagine the complications that would arise if individual states could do this. Therefore, the signing of international treaties, sending and receiving ambassadors, and establishing diplomatic missions can only be done at the federal level.

Also, only the Federal Government, namely Congress, has the power to declare and wage war under both documents. Both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution allow states to levy their own militias, but they fall under the command of the Federal Government when deployed in times of war.

Both allow states to levy taxes. Under the Articles of Confederation,...

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