How were the 1990s different from other decades?How were the 1990s different from other decades?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A few things that I think makes the 90's different from other decades in the 20th century:

1) Growth of information technology- Computer technology growth was unparalelled and the emergence of the internet is seen in thie decade.

2)  Conflicts were global, yet more local- The grand stage of the World Wars and the loomingly large presence of Vietnam were not present in the 90s.  Nations battled within with civil wars and smaller nations asserted their freedom and learned to deal with such an element.  (Former Eastern European nations.)

3)  The old divisions and ideologies of the past were not as dominant- Capitalist vs. Communist faded away and, as a result of information technology, the world became more of a marketplace than one predicated on separate camps.

brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I remember the 90s as a time when people could find good paying jobs right out of college.  I remember the early 90s as a time when we didn't rip our social fabric to shreds with vicious partisan enmity.  I remember the internet being something new, email being a craze, and Internet Messenging coming around for the first time.  I remember the 90s where cell phones were a novelty and rare (and as big as a brick).

There was more hope for the future, in my opinion, at that time, as the Cold War had ended and the war on terror had not yet begun.  In many ways, it was the 1920s again.  I miss the 90s.

veglin73 | Student

I became an adult throughout the 90's, graduated High School and College in the 90's, so I have quite a good look on how the 90's was a different decade.


The biggest thing I always comment on when discussing the 90's was the technology.  I went from typing my essay papers on a type writer, to a word processor, and finally graduating to a computer when I was finishing up my degree at college.  In just those short years, technology became faster, easier to access, and pretty much an essential part of everyday part of life.


Along with the computer technology, the world started to change.  People began to rely on email, information search made easy, and the explosion continues everyday with newer and better technology being released.  The 90's was the start of all of the instant access to the world we enjoy today.