How well did Hitler succeed in taking over Europe?

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The lack of a time frame here is a challenge.  There was a point, at his zenith, where Hitler was fairly successful in bringing the Nazi influence to the European continent.  For the most part, there was a distinct moment in time where Hitler accomplished his goal of ensuring that Europe was under Nazi control.  Yet, it was not sustainable.  Facing severe challenges from England to his West, Russia to his East, especially so when the Nazis cross through Poland, and American participation in the war, Hitler faced much in the way of being pushed back.  Once the Allied Forces had committed to defeating him, Hitler's presence in Europe was retracted into Germany and then defeated, in general.

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You do not specify when you are talking about, but at around the middle of 1941, and even into the winter of that year, Hitler had succeeded amazingly well in taking over Europe.

By the time winter set in that year, Hitler's forces controlled just about all of the continent of Europe.  They had conquered all of Western Europe except for the neutral countries like Spain and Portugal.  They had conquered essentially all of Eastern Europe, moving deep into Russia.  So at that point, there was pretty much nowhere on the continent of Europe that was actually fighting against Hitler.

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