How we start a business of career centre in India?

krishna-agrawala | Student

The description of intended business you have given in your question - career center in India - is too general. Therefore the first thing that you will need to do is to become mores specific about the the nature of your business. This can be done by asking questions like:

  • What kind of services will be offered?
  • Who will be the clients targeted for the business?
  • How will the clients benefit from these services?
  • How much can you charge the clients for the services?
  • What kind of expertise and other resources will be required to provide these services?
  • The scope of your business: Is this going to be an all India operation, or limited to just a small geographical, or it will be just one franchise of some bigger chain of business centers.

Once these questions of nature of business are settled you can get in the details of actually planning the process of starting. The activities involved in setting up the business will very much depend on the nature of business. However some common steps involved in setting up a new business are listed below.

  1. Preparing a detailed project report for the business containing details of the nature of business, the resources required for conducting the business, the investment required, a projection of income and expenditure for a few years, and details of any other major inputs required for the business or environmental factors affecting the business.
  2. Arranging for the finance required for setting up the business.
  3. Establishment of the physical facilities required for the business.
  4. recruitment and training of the personnel required for the business.
  5. Procurement/creation of any other consumable material required for the center. Without knowing the nature of business, it is difficult to identify the nature of such material. But it may include things like teaching material in case one of the activities of business center is training.
  6. Obtaining all applicable government clearances and approvals. This may include obtaining licence under Shop and Establishments Act.
  7. Initial announcement of the opening of the business center and advertisement.