Discuss what can be done to help other nations become economically successful.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many things that economically successful nations can do to help out those who are struggling to become economically successful.  Pressure from the international community on corrupt and repressive regimes is one approach.  Punishing through international censure and sanctions are paths that economically successful nations can take to work with those who are struggling from the economic point of view. 

It is evident that nations that are successful feature governments that, for the most part, are transparent in providing social services to citizens, tax collection practices are consistent and not entirely evaded by the public, governments that are relatively free from corruption, and can ensure in being able to provide a stable atmosphere where business enterprises can function successfully. 

Granted that in many of these liberally democratic nations not all of these conditions are present in the exact same manner, but for the most part, one can see these traits in some level of evidence enough to make a claim that their presence helps facilitate business growth and economic prosperity. 

By contrast, economic growth will not be as likely in nations where there are repressive regimes, settings where tax evasion is intensely high, and conditions whereby individuals feel that basic services are constantly denied to them.  It is here, in doing what can be done to ensure that one set of conditions is replicated as often as possible and avoiding the pitfalls in another one, where economically successful nations can seek to bring more nations into the fold of business growth and material prosperity for more people in a globalized world.

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