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How we can discuss the theme of the poem "The Good-Morrow" by John Donne with detail?

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The theme of "The Good- Morrow" by Donne rests with the idea that true love is a spiritual connection that two people share.  Donne uses many ideas to convey this theme.  The most compelling of them is featured in the second stanza where the speaker suggests that the world shared within the two lovers' is its own universe, expansive enough to encompass the world but is only shared by them.  In this setting, "one little room is an everywhere," indicating that the spiritual connection between both of them is all encompassing.  The idea of an expansive and sprawling and compelling connection is also evident in the comparisons to explorers, who sail to find new horizons and vistas, those shared in the love between the speaker and his beloved.  The closing couplet suggests that idea that spiritual connection is not merely love, but actually a soulful immersion between two, a metaphysical exercise that makes two individuals reside in one entity.  In this setting, where "two loves can be one," a theme of spiritual residence within the other becomes the standard and definition of shared and true love.

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subrataray | Student

The theme finds development through the idea that physical love is the ladder of spiritual love . Since the moment of the union of the two bodies , a new beginning comes up .The lover and the lady love creates a bond , and in that bond they remain as fresh as eternal spring .Their separation will not be able to make them  forgetful of each other .They would live in their experience . In the external world , their youth , beauty , may change , but in the inner world the ecstasy of union will perpetuate .

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The theme of The Good-Morrow is love.  We can discuss this theme by following the poet's thoughts.  The poet begins by stating that we cannot begin to understand true love until we experience it.  Instead we are childishly enjoying country pleasures and not aware of the real joy and happiness of love.  He continues by stating that anything he himself had experienced up to meeting his love was but a dream or a shadow of the reality.

He says good-bye to the past and finds himself looking forward to the joy that he has discovered.  He likens his feelings to the excitement experienced by the great discoverers of the past.

He sees his love as two hemispheres that are perfectly blended into one whole.  This true love constitutes both lovers giving all to each other.  If this happens the love between them will never die.

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