How do water’s properties help sustain life on earth?

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Water is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom and is expressed as H20. When hydrogen and oxygen bond in this combination, a single molecule of water is created. The composition of a water molecule is what gives it its unique properties and allows it to interact with other molecules (water or otherwise) in meaningful ways.


A water molecule’s structure gives it polarity, the special electrical charge it needs to attract other atoms. The hydrogen in the water is positively charged, while the oxygen is negatively charged, giving the molecule properties like a magnet. Just as the negative end of a magnet will attract positive charges (and vice-versa), the negative charge of the oxygen will attract positively charged atoms. Similarly, the positive charge of the hydrogen will attract negatively charged atoms. When other polar substances are put in water, the water molecules’ unique properties will cause the new substance to dissolve within the water as the...

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