How was WWI so shockingly different from previous wars?

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The advances in armament that became obvious as World War I got underway quickly showed that changes in tactics had not kept up with the changes in weapons. This was probably the biggest single area of difference between World War I and previous wars.

World War I saw the first large-scale use of airplanes by the military. Planes were used for reconnaissance, to drop bombs, and for attacks on ground forces.

German U-boats (submarines) marked the first widespsread use of submarines during a war, with devastating results in the first years.

Long-range artillery shelling and air-born delivery of bombs created the need for a completely new tactical approach to warfare - massed troops attacking each other by foot was no longer viable. Armored vehicles in the form of the first tanks came into use during World War I . Submachine guns and automatic rifles were also developed in response to the changed needs of the military during this war.


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