How was World War One connected to the Russian Revolution? 

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The connection between these two is that World War I served as a catalyst for the Russian Revolution.  Russians had been very unhappy with their government for decades, and WWI pushed them over the brink to rebellion.  

WWI was a failure for Russia.  Its armed forces were defeated badly on the field of battle.  At home, things were bad as well.  There were huge shortages of food and people were starving.  The tsar tried to suppress the protests of the people who were hungry and the soldiers who were sick of the war, but he had lost a lot of his prestige as his army (which he was actually leading by the end of the war) did so poorly in battle.  

Faced with disasters both in the military and economic realms, Tsar Nicholas gave in and abdicated his throne.  In this way, the Russian Revolution was set off by failures connected to WWI.

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