How was the Wife of Bath changed as she has aged?  

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The Wife of Bath changes only so much in her choice of husbands. She says that she married her first four husbands for money, rather than love, and she often found ways to control or manipulate them. She takes pride in the fact that she has married so many men and has always been able to find a way to control their money and make them feel guily for things they did not do. Her fifth husband, however, was much younger than her and poor. She says she fell in love with him when she saw him carrying her fourth husband's casket, and finally marries for love, not money. This husband, however, is not easily controlled, and is always able to win her back after he has made her angry. She says that women like what is forbidden to them, and run away from whatever is forced upon them. Her and her fifth husband beat each other, but she still maintains that she loves him. In finally marrying for love, she found someone to stand up for her, but she does not seemed to have a profound change in personality as she has grown older.

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