How was Victor Frankenstein wrong for neglecting his creation I want to persuade the reader that Victor was wrong

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huffito1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Before the work on this project begins, start to think over some important questions that you may wish to consider: What is the relationship between Victor and his monster? Is this relationship more Father and son or God and man? After the relationship is established I would begin to narrow down what Victor’s main purpose was and what his monster believes that his purpose is. Victor did not create a child that he would need to care for and look after; did he? He created a man to be self sufficient which is justified when Victor is pressed to create a companion for his monster. Consider these issues as you are creating your argument and how are the monster’s actions justified by their relationship and come together in the ending. Have fun!

alexb2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This seems like a good theme for a paper. What you should look for are specific incidents in the text (there are many) where the monster feels rejected by Dr. Frankenstein. You can then also show times where this came back to haunt him and others, as the monster reacts violently.

alysen31 | Student

In our English class, we're doing this right now. The rejection led for the monster to feel unloved and roam around on its own, garnering hate and fear.

dangus | Student

Victor Frankenstein was immoral to disregard his creation primarily because he was the architect behind the entire operation and should have realised his parent-like errands he owed to the creature. If you purposefully give the breath of life to someone, regardless of how repulsive, you must accept your responsibilities as a creator whether it is a successful achievement or not.

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