How was "vengeance walking" in Salem, in The Crucible?  Any help is greatly appreciated(:

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, vengeance was walking around Salem. Vengeance took on the persona of many of the characters in the play.

First, and foremost, Abigail Williams epitomized vengeance. She was angered by the fact that John Proctor no longer wanted a relationship with her (they had previously had an affair). Filled with anger at his wife, Elizabeth, Abigail demanded that Tituba concoct a spell (or potion) which could be used to kill Elizabeth so that she and John could be together. When John refused her, Abigail concocted a plan to accuse Elizabeth of witchcraft. By accusing Elizabeth, Abigail believed that John would be with her.

Another character who "walks with vengeance" is Thomas Putnam. Thomas is a land owner in Salem and has many land feuds with other land owners in the village. His vengeance is fueled by his greed. He quickly accuses other land owners of witchcraft in order to gain their land.

Mary Warren is the servant of John Proctor. Fearful of both John and Abigail, Mary sides with the one who can do her less damage, Abigail. She turns on John proctor accusing him of witchcraft in order to save herself and turn the eyes of the court from her own behavior.

Therefore, vengeance was personified through the characters in the play who wished vengeance on those they believed had done them wrong or those whose arrest would benefit them monetarily.