In "Daniel's Story," how was this world created?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the end of Chapter 8, the last time they are all together, Father, Mother, Daniel, Erika, and Rosa discuss the world and human nature, one of the central themes in the book.  Erika says that the world is made up of human beings, each with the potential to be good or bad.  The Nazis have chosen evil and have created "a world based on hate".   Each of them as individuals has the choice of responding to this world in one of three ways.  They can curse their situation and change nothing, they can choose evil as their enemies have, or they can work "to make things better".  Erika urges Daniel and Rosa, who are still strong, to live and "start over in Palestine".  She exhorts them to remember those who are being "destroyed by the worst in humanity, by its hate", and says that they can recreate the world by choosing the opposite of hate, which is love.