How is technology today different from that of the Stone Age?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Technology today is different from technology in the Stone Ages in practically every way.  In other words, almost every technology we now have did not exist in the Stone Age.  Even those that were present in the Stone Age (for example, knives) is tremendously superior today.

In the Stone Age, the only technology that existed was either stone tools or things that could be made with such tools.  There were stone knives and spears.  There were projectile weapons such as slings and bows.  But that was all.  There was no way of providing power that did not rely on human or animal muscle.  There was no way of creating light that did not involve open flames.  There was nothing made of metal.  There was no way of communicating verbally beyond the range of a shout and there was no way of storing information outside the human brain.  All of these very basic aspects of our technology today were completely nonexistent.