How was Shylock punished by the law? How did Antonio prove his generosity to the Jew in The Merchant of Venice?

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1. At the beginning of Act 4, Shylock believes that Venice's adherence to the letter of the law will help his case.  He insists on Antonio's sentence being carried out exactly as the bond states.  He will not accept substitute monetary payment, etc., because he wants Antonio's humiliation and life.  However, Portia uses Shylock's stubbornness to her advantage.  She reads over the bond and points out that it states that Antonio's payment is to be a pound of flesh.  Since it is impossible to remove a pound of someone's flesh without also removing blood, Portia insists on the letter of the law and warns Shylock that he can proceed with his retrieval of payment but that he must not take anything other than a pound of flesh.  If he does, then he will...

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