How was the Russian Revolution connected with the First World War?

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The Russian Revolution was connected with World War I. The Central Powers had moved deep into Russia during the war even though the Russian government had spent large sums of money fighting the war. The Russian people grew tired of the suffering they faced as a result of the war, including the effects of food shortages, political corruption, and high casualty rates. As a result, the conditions were ripe for the people of Russia to revolt, which occurred in 1917 as Czar Nicholas II was forced from power.

The Russian Revolution impacted the war significantly. The Central Powers no longer had to fight on the Eastern front, making the Allied war effort on the Western front more difficult, since the Central Powers now only had to fight a one-front war. Additionally, in order for Russia to withdraw from World War I and have the Central Powers leave Russia, the Russians gave up a lot of land, including territory in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Other countries, such as Finland, gained their independence as a result of this treaty.

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