How was Robert Frost's life reflected in his poetry? What where the personlity traits that where in his life and in his poetry?

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Robert Frost’s life was reflected in his poetry in a variety of ways.  For instance, from an early age, Frost was raised in New England, and New England, of course, provides the setting and the characters for many of his poems (such as “Out, Out---,” to mention just one example). His education at Lawrence High School, where he was a strong student, helped give him the kind of education and interest in literature that would nourish his later career.  His first poems were published in Lawrence High’s Bulletin, and he eventually became editor of that publication.  Thus, his experience at Lawrence helped contribute to his growing ambitions and self-confidence as a writer.

Frost’s experience working various low-paying jobs (such as millworker and teacher) helped give him an intimate familiarity with the lower- and lower-middle-class society which is often the subject of his poems. His bouts with depression (including a suicide attempt) helped make him familiar with the darker...

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