How does the relationship between Oliver & Orlando change from the biginning  to the end of the play As You Like It?  

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sensei918 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Shakespeare's As You Like It, the brothers Oliver and Orlando are at odds with one another at the beginning of the play. Oliver is afraid that Orlando, his father's favorite, will take everything that their father left and leave him with nothing, so he wants to kill his brother. Orlando has no such intentions, but he is in fear for his life, so he runs away. He does not hate his brother; he only wishes for harmony. The relationship between the brothers takes a back seat when Orlando flees to the Forest of Arden and encounters Rosalind, not knowing that she is the woman he has fallen in love with because she is dressed as a boy. She sets him the task of wooing his love through her intervention as Ganymede.

Meanwhile, Oliver, looking for his brother, meets Celia and falls in love himself. He has a change of heart about his brother, and they reconcile at the end of the play when they both marry the women they love.

hbakir | Student

At the beginning of the play, the relationship between the two brothers, Orlando and Oliver, was not a good one. Oliver appears as an oppressor who wants to kill his brother. On the other hand Orlando appears as a rebel who wants his rights. He has the sole of his father and he is unsatisfied with the bad treatment of his elder brother who takes Orlando's money and treats him like a servants. Oliver is the reason behind Orlando's running away to the forest. At the end of the play, Oliver appears as totally a different person. He appears as the true kind brother and lover.  

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