How was the problem solved in the book The London Eye Mystery?need the question bye today

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You need the answers "by" today. ;)

First, Ted came up with 8 different theories as to where Salim may be. He discussed all 8 of the theories until he arrived to the one which was correct. The coriolis effect, and how things around earth invisibly go from one point to another, affecting everything around us as a domino effect. Then, he put it all together and saw that the Barrick's building was "just around the corner" and remembered that Salim was totally into really tall buildings. Ted then remembered that such building was to be demolished, so everyone ran towards Barricks and found Salim on the 21st floor: He had indeed gone up there to the top to take pictures, but got stuck trying to get down and was shortly about to get killed  by the demolishing truck if Ted had not figured it all out.

prescilla1030 | Student
  1. the answer is that ted had eight theories and the only one that was correct was that he hid himself under someone clothes i think that is the answer.