How was Ponyboy protected in the rumble in Chapter 9 of The Outsiders?I mean, how did the rest of greasers keep him out harm's way?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ponyboy managed to talk his way into joining his greaser pals in the rumble despite his headache and weakened condition. Pony took five aspirins before leaving for the fight. Darry had earlier questioned whether he should take part, but Pony wouldn't hear of it. Pony promised to "get hold of a little one," so Darry agreed to let him fight, assuring his little brother to "holler, and I'll get you out." Darry also ordered Pony and Soda "to beat it... if the fuzz show." Once Dally showed, he stayed close to Pony. When a bigger Soc pinned Pony and "was slugging the sense out of me," Darry, who had been keeping an eye on Pony, knocked the Soc off "with a sledgehammer blow." Pony then ran to help Dally, and tried his best to strangle the Soc; Dally eventually knocked him off Pony. Dally came to Pony's rescue again when a Soc was kicking him in the ribs, but when Pony was kicked in the head, it stunned him and he lay limply on the ground. It was Dally who helped Pony to his feet after they realized they had beaten the Socs, and they immediately headed to the hospital to tell Johnny.