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Odysseus is the archetype of an epic hero. He has immortal ancestors, he has completed a quest, and he has superhuman intellect. However, Odysseus is still human. Be that as it may, it seems Odysseus never lets his human worries get the best of him. His courage and valor are his legacies, as told in the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Odysseus goes to war, a tale told in the epic poem the Iliad. While he is not a central character of this narrative, he leaves his wife and son behind to honor his homeland in battle. It's even been said that he is the brains behind the famous Trojan Horse trick. While these moments implicitly speak of bravery, a trait all soldiers must embody to survive, Odysseus shines in the sequel epic, the Odyssey.

Here are some key moments from his journey that highlight Odysseus's moments of courage and strength.

  • After losing many of his men to the Cicones on the island of Ismarus, Zeus foils their course, setting them off track for nine days. Odysseus never panics, keeps his men...

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