How was Nelson Mandela beneficial to South Africa?Using these reasons: Joining/founding the ANC Ending apartheid. (how he ended it) establishing a new government.  (how it helped)

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Without Nelson Mandela, South Africa would probably be in a much worse state than it is today.

First of all, Nelson Mandela was one of the major keys to ending the apartheid regime.  He became the most important black figure in the anti-apartheid movement.  Although he had been involved in violent actions, he became a figure with a great deal of moral authority during his time in prison. Because of his moral stature he was able to take the lead in the the discussions that led to the end of apartheid.

After apartheid ended, Mandela became leader of the new RSA.  This was important because, once again, his moral stature was able to reassure whites (of their safety) and to prevent blacks from becoming disenchanted with the fact that change would only come gradually.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mandela is a symbol and in my mind, this is where his value is the most felt.  His resistance to Apartheid and his suffering because of it are representative of the triumph of the spirit and serves as inspiration for all South Africans.  While imprisoned for his beliefs and his commitment to uplifting the conditions of Black South Africans, he was tortured and abused and never relented or acquiesced to the unbearable conditions of prison.  His release and ascent to power, as well his willingness to work with Whites as well as Blacks provided a very strong example of what the new South Africa can represent with the end of apartheid and birth of a new conception or understanding.

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