Would France have been better off if Napoleon never attained political power?Napoleon

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This would be better as a discussion question because people can have all sorts of views on this issue.  My own take on this is that, no matter the bad aspects of Napoleon's rule, it is probably better for France that he did rise to power.

My main reason for saying this is that Napoleon's rise to power helped to bring to an end the political chaos that came out of the French Revolution.  The Revolution was a good thing in that it put an end to the old regime, but it also unleashed tremendous chaos in France.  Napoleon's rise to power reduced this chaos and brought about a time of relative calm (relative to the Revolution, at least).

We cannot know what would have happened without Napoleon, but it is possible that France would have fallen deeper into chaos, making its domestic situation worse and seriously weakening it internationally.