How was Missie Mae punished for sleeping with Mr. Slemmens while her husband was at work?  

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Miss Mae and her husband Joe seem to have the perfect marriage.  Happily in love, they hit a snag when Joe comes home and finds Mr. Slemmens hurrying to get dressed in the bedroom with his wife.  Miss Mae knows that their marriage must be over, that he must not love her any more.

In the morning, she doesn't make breakfast until he asks about it.  She makes him his favorite fried chicken, but feel she doesn't deserve it. Full of guilt, she knew she should leave but because she loves him so much, she cannot. She continues punishing herself, questioning their interactions and knowing that she does not deserve him.  Three months later he came home needing a back rub, and she jumped at the chance.  After a night spent together, she decided he would have to leave her.  Time passed and she realized she was pregnant and later gave birth to a boy.  A boy who looks just like Joe.  With this the two finally return to their normal routine.

Mae and Joe's love is able to transcend the actions and Mae is able to forgive herself and move on.



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