What impact did Mircalla Karnstein have on the English empire?

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Mircalla Karnstein was a character created by Joseph Le Fanu and portrayed in his work 'Camilla' published in 1872. The answer to your question is rooted in the subject matter of the story, the existence of the undead, combined with sexuality between women were just taboo in Victorian English society. From an historical perspective there is no doubt that the publication of 'Camilla' in 1872 caused quite a stir in Victorian England. The character of Mircalla Karnstein in all of her unconventional self serving splendor in 1872 had the power to send the English reading public to their knees. She was the kind of character that everyone wanted to read about in Victorian England but would never admit to. Although Queen Vistoria's reign is considered politically strong and economically prosperous, from a social and cultural perspective very uptight. However, this is meant to describe the attitude towards 'accepted' English behavior, not to describe the true passions of Victorian England. All one has to do is investigate the popularity of the novella when it was published (which there was alot of) to understand how its power could have really undermined the English Empire !!!

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